Prevention is better than cure !
SwimSeal is a unique formulation containing Australia tea tree oil that is applied before exposure to water. 
  •  Creates a waterproof barrier in the ear canal.
  •  Prevents ear discomfort and infections due to trapped water.
  •  Leaves the ear naturally and should be reapplied as needed.
  •  Developed by ENT surgeons.
Alcohol-free formula.
Keep Surfing With SwimSeal
  •  Keep catching waves without painful ears
  • Throw away the ear plugs
    (and Blu Tack!)
  •  The drops do not impact hearing or balance
  •  Make your Surfing experience more enjoyable 
  •  The drops that STOP painful ears caused by exposure to water
  •  With hearing intact, it’s easy to hear what’s going on around you.
  •  Prevent ear infections before they start
  •  Over 100 applications per bottle
  •  Avoid the costs and inconvenience of water-related ear problems
What is SwimSeal
Australians enjoy some of the world’s best beaches and swimming culture, so it is no surprise that 1 in 7 of us are regular swimmers. With such a high prevalence of water activity, Otitis Externa (swimmer’s ear) is a frequently occurring problem.
When it comes to ear infections and pain caused by retained water in the ear, SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops are the only true preventative solution.
This unique solution creates a waterproof coating in the ear canal that expels water from the ear, preventing common water related ear problems.

In addition, SwimSeal Protective Ear Drops contain Australian Tea Tree oil that acts as a natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory agent. Even better, it contains NO ALCOHOL which stings and is known to cause unnecessary irritation of the delicate lining of the ear canal which can lead to pain and infection.

The drops do not impact hearing or balance, so throw away the ear plugs (and Blu Tack!). With hearing intact, it’s easy to hear what’s going on around you. The drops naturally migrate out of the ear over 2-3 hours, so once they are in, you don’t need to worry about them.

Each 7.5ml bottle contains 2% Australian Tea Tree Oil and 98% medical grade silicone (water repellent).
 I've been stuffing my ears with Blu-tack for 20 years and its been driving me nuts!
2 drops  of SwimSeal in each ear before my surf and its a new experience, Not only do i not have water in my ears but i can hear better in the surf and my balance has improved 

"Been surfing for 25 years and used ear plugs and blu-tack, but these drops are so much easier to use and seem to help with windchill as well. No aches or issues over the Victorian winter just gone so very pleased with the result so far. I highly recommend them!"

Wave hunter
Boom! Water is completely blocked out and i can hear everything around me!
SwimSeal is the bomb!
Its part of my surfing quiver now, leggy, wax & comb, fins & SwimSeal !!

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